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Katherine Matilda „Tilda“ Swinton ist eine schottische Schauspielerin und Oscar-Preisträgerin. Katherine Matilda „Tilda“ Swinton (* 5. November in London) ist eine schottische Weitere Independent-Filme mit Swinton entstanden unter anderem mit Cynthia Dublin Film Critics Award für I Am Love (Beste Darstellerin); Entdecke alle Filme von Tilda Swinton. Von den Anfängen ihrer Karriere bis zu geplanten Projekten. I Am Love. Job: Schauspielerin, Produzentin. Das Ehepaar Recchi hat alles erreicht, was man als Wortführer der lombardischen Bourgeoisie. Alle Filme, in denen Tilda Swinton mitspielt: Arsenal,, TiMe, Fox, Fox, Alamode, I Am Love ("Io sono l'amore") (I) mit. Tilda Swinton, Flavio Parenti Regie: Luca.

tilda swinton filme

tilda swinton kinder. Oscar-Gewinnerin Tilda Swinton - für ihre Rolle als eiskalte Rechtsabteilungsleiterin eines Chemieunternehmens in dem brillanten Thriller "​Michael Clayton". Katherine Matilda „Tilda“ Swinton (* 5. November in London) ist eine schottische Weitere Independent-Filme mit Swinton entstanden unter anderem mit Cynthia Dublin Film Critics Award für I Am Love (Beste Darstellerin); Go here Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Only Lovers Left Alive. Seine Arbeit ist just click for source langweilig und hört nie auf. The Statement Auntie Mame. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Als er den Auftrag bekommt, die Biographie "Der Orchideendieb" zu adaptieren, ist er zunächst begeistert, verzweifelt dann aber mehr und mehr - denn in dem Werk finden sich weder richtige Seine junge Freundin Julie Delpy hat ihn gerade verlassen und minion trailer deutsch er sich von dem Frust erholen kann, kommt der nächste - flattert ein rosafarbener Brief ohne Absender ins Haus. Three Thousand Years of Longing. Weitere Filme: Von „I Am Love“ bis „Snowpiercer“. In Jim Jarmushs „The Limits of Control“ () mimte Tilda Swinton eine mysteriöse Blondine. Oscar-Gewinnerin Tilda Swinton - für ihre Rolle als eiskalte Rechtsabteilungsleiterin eines Chemieunternehmens in dem brillanten Thriller "​Michael Clayton". Darstellerin in Filmen. Avengers: Endgame. Tilda Swinton. Katherine Matilda "Tilda" Swinton wurde am 5. November in London geboren und ist eine schottische Schauspielerin und. Alle Infos zu Tilda Swinton, bekannt aus Der seltsame Fall des Benjamin Button mit The Beach in ihrem ersten größeren Mainstream-Film zu sehen ist.

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I want to…. Browse our education events. Use film and TV in my classroom. Read research data and market intelligence. As well as sitting down with us for a career interview and special cover shoot , and writing us a poem , new BFI Fellow Tilda Swinton also gave us her notes on nine of her favourite films.

Tilda Swinton Updated: 9 March One of the most elliptical and mesmerising films I know. Images you will never forget.

Pure magic. The German Expressionist cine-temple. A chase. A capture. Maybe the original psychological thriller: it implicates us all.

Mercilessly tough and unforgettably wise. A film inspired by Euripides that feels like it was dug up from inside an ancient tomb, shot in I once heard that Scots politicians took it abroad with them as their diplomatic gift.

Exquisitely atmospheric summer cruising. Boys looking for boys and the idyll of abandon. A breathtakingly swoony study in wicked tension, the romance of danger and real erotic yearning.

The final journey of elderly parents to each of their grown children in turn. The heartbreak of generational disconnection and the inescapable tenderness of familial bonds, the comfort of human ritual and the inevitable turn of the Great Wheel.

Profoundly moving. Slow cinema at its most immersive, lateral and resonant. Wednesday 1 August See our Greatest Films of All Time poll.

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Access the digital edition. The View from Here, by Tilda Swinton. Tug of love: a cinema pilgrimage with Tilda Swinton and Mark Cousins.

More about Tilda Swinton. Back to the top. In recent years, Wes Anderson films have turned into cameo fests: his beautifully realised, Japan-set canine fable was no different.

Swinton has a minor voice role, a wisdom-dispensing pug called Sage. Another multi-character showcase in an interestingly cerebral thriller from theatre director Robert Lepage.

Swinton channelled a mids Bowie look — tailored double-breasted jacket, asymmetrical droopy fringe — as the archangel Gabriel in this authentically berserk satanic horror-thriller.

In a film stuffed with scenery-chewers and screen-demolishing special effects, Swinton actually comes across as poised and restrained.

As restrained as you can be when unleashing hell on the world. Maybury directs, and Swinton got to play with androgyny in a virtual rehearsal for Orlando.

She gives it her usual amount of welly, but the film suffers a bit from heat exhaustion. As is often the case, she is not in the film for long, but makes every second count.

Lots of drunk shrieking and cigarette sucking ensues. Swinton provides one of the voices for a sound collage over an unchanging International Klein Blue screen.

She plays the wife of a monstrous Ray Winstone, closing her mind to the damage going on around her. Out and out comedy here, as twin-sister gossip columnists Thora and Thessaly Thacker a play on the Louella Parsons-Hedda Hopper rivalry.

Swinton leavens the laughs with a blast of neurotic intensity. It is a mediation-cum-investigation of the brutal murder of chef Mohamed el-Sayed , killed randomly in London in She plays a pregnant psychologist interviewing a year-old who has been arrested for murder after her newborn baby is found dead in a toilet.

As good as ever, but she is a bit adrift in a sea of cameos. She plays the wife of a harbourmaster who finds a bag of unspendable British money.

Thrilling this is not, but it scores molto points for agonising existential crises. Swinton was personally invested in this four-section documentary about her old friend, the writer and critical theorist she crossed paths with on Play Me Something.

Part of the film records her conversation with Berger in his French farmhouse; and in another which she directs herself she brings her children to visit.

It is a key role though, considerably bigger than many of her comedy or villain walk-ons. The franchise never really took off its mythology a little arcane, perhaps, for post-Harry Potter audiences but Swinton was great in the role.

She had one especially memorable sequence here: as a bride mourning her executed husband, tearing at her clothes as fire burns all around.

Strong stuff. A highly impressive start. As the mother of the lead performer, Honor Swinton Byrne, it was only natural that Swinton — an old friend of writer-director Joanna Hogg — should play the mother.

Her role is small but perfectly formed, although she does get to announce the most Hogg death ever — spoiler alert! Swinton won her Oscar for this corporate-shark role in a twisty, clotted legal corruption thriller — one of her more conventional outings, if truth be told.

She is excellent at articulating the neurosis underlying the executivespeak, while the final breakdown scene probably won the statuette on its own.

Swinton is at her most sinister as dance instructor Madame Blanc and witchy coven member; and also at her most pranksterish, swathed in layers of latex as the elderly psychotherapist Dr Klemperer.

Swinton was in pretty heady company here — Sharon Stone, Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy — as one of the string of exes Bill Murray visits to try and track down his son.

Bitter and vengeful again but she does it so well. One of the wave of quirky indie-coms that infested the mids, this is actually pretty good.

Directed by Mike Mills, Swinton plays the mother of the teen with the oral fixation who is a little too keen on hunky actor Matt Schramm.

An absolute tour de force of latex acting, with Swinton perfectly calibrating voice and posture to match.

A love letter to her mentor, Jarman; written and read by Swinton as a voiceover for a documentary tribute directed by Isaac Julien and Bernad Rose, and co-exec-produced by Swinton herself.

You can feel the emotion pouring out of it. A rare out-and-out lead, for French director Erick Zonca. Swinton likes to play characters on the edge, and this is one of the edgiest: so whacked-out she frequently wakes up with no memory of the night before.

This bizarrely brilliant train-based sci-fi parable from the Korean director Bong Joon-ho got caught up in a distribution powerplay , and never quite got the airing it deserved.

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Suspiria - Official Trailer - Amazon Studios Swinton lebte mit ihrem langjährigen Partner, dem Schriftsteller John Byrne, in den schottischen Highlands. Er ist das Tor zu einem magischen Land: Narnia! Während sein Vater Franklin John C. Den Egoismus und die Verantwortungslosigkeit, mit der die Menschheit die Gunnm zugrunde r Geschlecht: weiblich. Sport Quiz Sport z nation 2 staffel Uhr. Experimentalfilm Caravaggio click here The Beach https://mocciz.se/stream-filme-downloaden/qvc-angebot-des-tages.php Sal The Beach. Bilderstrecke starten Bilder. Bad Girls vor! Play Me Something. Benjamin Button Brad Pitt wird als alter Mann click to see more Körper eines Säuglings geboren, der aber durch Gebrechlichkeit gekennzeichnet ist.

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The Party: Nature Morte. David Copperfield - Einmal Reichtum und zurück Die wenigen Überlebenden sammeln sich https://mocciz.se/filme-2019-stream/bibi-und-tina-zeitschrift.php einem Meter langen Zug, der durch die Eiswüste rast ohne je anzuhalten. Willkommen auf MJ! Am nächsten Tag findet Richard an der Tür seines Hotelzimmers eine Suspiria Visit web page Sky. Alle Kritiken. Eine Woche lang lag sie dabei täglich acht Stunden als Schlafende in einem Glaskasten.

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Julia The Beach. Filme mit Tilda Swinton im Zusammenhang. When the max tidorf Mayor of Megasaki City sends all the dogs to Trash Island, his year-old ward Atari Rankin goes read article to find out what read article to his beloved Spots Schreiber. Children need their parents and the love parents can provide. Her Lucy Mirando is a article source of James Murdoch figure: a company chief burdened with inconvenient feelings of liberal guilt, which she channels into the development of a strain of super-pigs. The Grand Budapest Hotel. Https://mocciz.se/stream-filme-downloaden/effektivitgt-pokemon.php Beach. Leiron Reviews. As is often the case, she is serien online in the film for long, but makes every second count. The iconoclastic gifts of the visually striking and fiercely talented actress Tilda Swinton have been appreciated by a more international audience of late. The French Dispatch. tilda swinton filme

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Neu im Pay-TV. Fritz Wepper. Fan werden! Pinocchio Kurioserweise altert Benjamin nicht, sondern er wird immer jünger, Heimkino in HD Qualität: Am see more

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